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What is a Wooden Pallet?

Pallets are flat structures used for transporting goods, storage, and increased efficiency. May be used on pallet racking, for order picking, to receive shipments, and for outgoing shipments. 

Standard Size Pallets

A standard 48x40 pallet is a common type of pallet used for transportation and storage of goods. It has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 48 inches in length and 40 inches in width. The pallet is typically made of wood, though plastic and metal variants are also available. It consists of a flat deck supported by multiple parallel stringers or blocks that provide structural integrity and allow forklifts or pallet jacks to lift and move the pallet. The top and bottom surfaces of the deck usually have evenly spaced slats or boards to facilitate the placement and stability of the loaded goods. The 48x40 pallet is widely used in various industries and supply chains worldwide, providing a standardized and efficient solution for handling and transporting goods in bulk.

Pallets We Carry

  • 48x40 - Standard general shipping pallet used most commonly

  • 48x48 - Used for steel drums or large shipments

  • 42x42 - Used for bagged products, and within the paint industry

  • 48x31 - Euro Block Pallet, used for very specific applications

  • 36x36 - Used for small auto parts, and fluids companies

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