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48x40 Used Pallets

48x40 pallets are the standard pallet for shipping. These recycled pallets are great for a series of uses, but generally best for shipping products within covered trailers.

At Double Z Pallets we carry 6 different 48x40 grades to serve you best! Below are photos of our different pallet supply. Need another size? Click here.

Up-cycle Pallets, 48x40


Otherwise known as a grade 1, upcycles are as close to new pallets as it gets. Specs: - 7+ boards on top with > 1/2" thickness - 3+ boards on bottom - 3 unbroken stringers Uses: - Asthetics for particular customers - Stringer strength uncompromised - Cheaper than new pallets

B+ Grade Pallets, 48x40

B Grade Pallets, 48x40


Our most popular 48x40 product. Sturdy pallet for everyday shipping! Configuration: - No more than 4" spacing on top - 3 boards on bottom minimum - 48" stringers with 3 repairs or less Uses: - Racking - Storage and items needing moved multiple times before transport - Products weighing up to 4000lbs - Bagged products


Great pallets for single use under 2000lbs. Configuration: - 5+ boards on top - 3 boards on bottom - 48" stringers with 4 repairs or less Uses: - Light duty shipments under 2000lbs - Quick product turnover - Boxed products

Heavy Duty Pallets, 48x40

48x40 recycled pallets

Best when your application is for concrete, metal, or other heavy shipments. Specs: - 7+ boards on top with > 1" thickness - 4+ boards on bottom - Stringers with 2 or less repairs Uses: - 4000lbs+ - Long term storage of product - Use in building platforms or flooring

Block Pallets, 48x40


Block style pallets for optimal 4 way access. Confirugation: - 9 blocks - 7+ boards on top - 3+ boards on bottom - 3-5 boards in middle of pallet for added support Uses: - Chimney stacking vans - Racking product which is 48" wide such as insulation. - Pallet jack accessibility

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